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 Educating Girls to Vent in Girls to Create to Go Beyond the Barriers Set for Them. 

 Motivating Girls in establishing their goals and the action plan to reach their goals. 

 Empowering girls to break generational norms  and create positive change. 

 Nurturing girls to see their abilities and to believe in themselves. 

Girl Gazing

The Truth

According to the 2011 Dove Research: The Truth about Beauty survey; 72% of young girls feel
pressure to find a way to feel good about their self. This means that our society is producing a
population of young women, of whom the vast majorities have poor self-esteem and self-confidence.

These young girls are being delivered into the world without the emotional skills necessary to
overcome hardship and become the leaders of tomorrow.


The Mission

Mission statement: to Empower Girls to Be  their best me. so that, they may become an asset to themselves, their family, and their community.

motivated and empowered inc. is creating one place a girl can come to get everything she needs mentally, emotionally, socially, educationally, and spiritually. ensuring that the barriers set to keep our girls from succeeding are just the push they need to do greater. 



The Vision

is that every girl becomes an asset to their family, friends, community and themselves. That each girl live and work with integrity, power and diligence while developing spiritual maturity, self –love, discipline, and obtaining higher education. That every member might grow to know her destiny, purpose, and desires and to fulfill it with great joy and hope. That she will become an asset to her community that will encourage others.


100 Teens

A teen takes their life every 100 minutes




20% of teens experience depression before they reach adulthood



Teen girls experience depression 2x more than male teens.




of girls feel there is an immense pressure from external sources to look a certain way.

(National Report on Self Esteem)

M.E. Inc Girls Center Is OPEN!

Meet Our Founder

Bianca M. Crawford experienced much pain, abuse and trauma all of her childhood and into her early adulthood. She thought the her life would be nothing but pain & trauma. 

She was born to a teenage mom and from that moment she was labeled a statics and failure. She spent her childhood trying to fight the stereotypes that had been attached to her at birth. 

Bianca experienced homelessness; molestation; rape; abuse; abandonment and pain all by the age of 8. She wouldn't allow that to stop her so she continued to fight. 

Education was her outlet; graduating high school a year early; and accepted to 22 different colleges and universities but her struggle wouldn't stop there. She fought to get to college where she had the worse experiences. She was a victim of domestic violence; homelessness; and struggling trying to pay for school and graduate. 



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