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 We Believe that a girl should be her best at all times in all areas of her life. Motivated and Empowered Inc., has launched our "It's Personal Drive" to ensure girls all over always have the basic needs for that special moment of the month. The high price of hygiene products like sanitary pads and proper hygiene products can prevent girls from attending school and achieving the education they need to reach their goals. These girls’ hygiene kits help keep young women clean and comfortable, so they can stay in school and seize a brighter future. You can now get the products you need by requesting a hygiene box below. 

Christmas Giveaway -n- Party

This year we will be serving families in Cleveland, OH; Nashville, TN and Houston, TX. We are excited to be a resource to your family and bring a warm smile on faces across the country. To sign up please complete a form below and someone from our team will get back with you as soon as possible. Should you have further questions please call (440) 703-0987 or email

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