Meet Our Founder

Bianca M. Crawford experienced much pain, abuse and trauma all of her childhood and into her early adulthood. She thought the her life would be nothing but pain & trauma. 

She was born to a teenage mom and from that moment she was labeled a statics and failure. She spent her childhood trying to fight the stereotypes that had been attached to her at birth. 

Bianca experienced homelessness; molestation; rape; abuse; abandonment and pain all by the age of 8. She wouldn't allow that to stop her so she continued to fight. 

Education was her outlet; graduating high school a year early; and accepted to 22 different colleges and universities but her struggle wouldn't stop there. She fought to get to college where she had the worse experiences. She was a victim of domestic violence; homelessness; and struggling trying to pay for school and graduate. 

Bianca answered the call placed on her heart to take her experiences and make sure that no other girl have to experience the same pain. She knew that pain she had experienced was not for her but for the lives she would change and save. Motivated and Empowered was started because that's what pushed her past her pain. Motivation and self-empowerment. Teaching girls these same skills will help them overcome some of the issues they deal with daily.


She knew that her story would save lives all across the world. She knew that she was called to a ministry of Empowerment and Encouragement. She is now  an Author of Broken 2 Grace; I'm Just A Girl..And I Like Journal; and Beautifully Broken Prayer Journal. She is the Founder of Motivated and Empowered Inc. She is also a business owner; owner of Beautifully Me and B. Marie Ministry. 

Alongside her husband of 8 years she is the Chief Operation Officer of Crawford Mortuary Transportation Services. She partnered in ministry with her husband and is a licensed minister of the Gospel. Together they parent three amazing children.